Couple Sessions at Crystal Cove in Orange County, California

“Hey guys… want to go take photos? Sunset is in an hour so we need to leave now…”

This was me when I looked outside and saw the fiery red sky. I was with Ali Metzger, one of Orange County’s most popular fitness trainer and her boyfriend, after finishing up a fitness and lifestyle shoot for Ali.

The day before, baby Mason and I drove to Orange County to spend time with Ali and take photos of her. When I saw Ali and her boyfriend together, I KNEW we also needed to get couple photos while I was down there. I mean common… can you blame me?!

When we saw the sunset rolling in with the fiery orange sky, I asked Ali to grab a red dress and jump in the car. To say these two were troopers was an understatement!

As we made our way down to the beach at Crystal Cove, the sky exploded in color with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. It was a wow moment and easily one of my favorite shoots while being a photographer.

When I asked Ali & Joey to get in the water, neither of them hesitated. Anything for the shot, right?  We spent all of 20 minutes on the beach (I was worried about them getting cold!), but captured photos that make my photographer heart sing.

We ended the night with a big glass of wine (and warm showers for Ali & Joey). Joey cooked us dinner as Ali and I looked through the photos we were able to capture on such a whim. We had such a fun day together, and I will forever treasure this afternoon!

So be careful… if you do a session with me at the beach, I might request (okay, insist!) that you end your session by jumping in the water. I promise to reward you with wine!