Capturing the real, authentic moments of your wedding day and every intimate moment in between with an aesthetic that is timeless and romantic. It's more than a collection of photos - it is visual storytelling designed to capture precious memories you'll cherish forever.
Based in Livermore, California.


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The Kennedy Home
Monrovia, California

Private Estate Wedding
Palm Springs, California

MacArthur Place Wedding
Sonoma, California


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The Lodge Sonoma
 Sonoma, California

Casa Real at Ruby Hill Wedding
Livermore, California

Oceano Hotel Wedding
Half Moon Bay, California


most recent weddings

“Hannah captured the exact feeling of our wedding, and the pictures should seriously be in a magazine”

Believe in embracing the unique and the personal, making their wedding distinctively theirs down to the most minute detail.


Are madly, devastatingly in love and make the perfect team - the envy of every guest at their wedding!


Believe in timeless quality and desire an exceptional, unforgettable experience from start to finish.


Your wedding day should be effortlessly PERFECT

You deserve to feel like royalty on your wedding day and to have every moment captured for lifelong memories.

"I will forever cherish these photos and the experience with Hannah."

I believe in being more than just a photographer - I'm there to assist you and support you, laugh with you and cry with you, and celebrate your love story with a perfect cocktail of passion and professionalism. I believe your photos should be as timeless and unique as you and your forever partner. I don't just take pictures - I tell visual stories, capturing not only what it looked like to be at your wedding, but what it felt like. I would be honored to tell yours.

A love-obsessed portrait & wedding photographer
Hannah Berglund
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